Creeping Liberal Progressive Revisionism at work.

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Creeping Liberal Progressive Revisionism at work.

Post  Clicker on Wed May 13, 2015 9:40 am

Back in 1976 my family moved from Long Beach Ca. to Corona, Ca We sought better housing and a better quality of life and education for our kids (5). As we drove up the Santa Ana Canyon from Orange County to Corona we saw the Prado Dam spillway adorned with a huge Mural over half a mile long proclaiming "200 years of Freedom 1776 1976. This was painted by Corona High School students in recognition of the passing of 200 years since the revolutionary war of independence. The mural is possibly the largest Patriotic mural in the US. It was repainted once since its origination. Today, after raising the dam and spillway to comply with a revised 100 year flood estimation, the mural is in disrepair. The Corp of Engineers is resisting the locals desire to repaint the mural as it originally existed leaving the original under the repainted restoration as the refresh job was. Mysteriously there is a lot of waffling from the Corps and local Pols, particularly the Dems. It seems a group, as yet really unidentified, wants to either change or completely eliminate the mural. Seems the Libs can't stand the huge flag and Liberty Bell assailing their lib senses as they drive by the dam.

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