I pity the intelligent commonsense young people who will

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I pity the intelligent commonsense young people who will

Post  Skeptical on Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:35 am

have to try to carry on a normal life living under the thumb and will of the idiots who are/were responsible for legislation/policies such as




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Re: I pity the intelligent commonsense young people who will

Post  Freedom Forever on Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:51 pm

"negligently entrusted" an assault-style weapon to someone whom they "reasonably should have known might use the weapon" to cause harm.
Here's an iron clad statement that will never need interpretation. Rolling Eyes

Randy Barnhart, a Denver product-liability and personal-injury lawyer who testified in support of the bill, compared the legislation to laws holding a father responsible for the injuries caused when a teenager takes his car out for a joyride and is in an accident.

A lawyer is in favor of more litigation. WoW amazing. I wonder if pedophiles are in favor of adoption.

"We hold people responsible for the conduct of others all the time," Barnhart said, adding, though, that is not the case with semiautomatic rifles, which have special legal protections.

A minute ago we were talking about assault rifles, suddenly it is all semi auto's. That special legal protection he's referring to, is the 2nd amendment. They hate it and are simply going to circumvent it. For spec legal protection see also "hate crimes". Rolling Eyes

The bill exempts handguns, shotguns and bolt-action rifles, but critics said it would still classify a number of other weapons — such as break-open shotguns — as assault weapons. Morse said those issues might have to be addressed.

These firearms can all be added in later what's the hurry? Just get it passed so we can see what's in it. Rolling Eyes
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