The media thinks you are stupid and gullible

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The media thinks you are stupid and gullible

Post  Skeptical on Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:31 pm

The media has become so entrenched in their efforts to damage Trump they throw out whatever comes to mind to succeed in that effort even if it is wrong. And when it is wrong they believe we are so stupid that we will accept the kind of horse squeeze this idiot puts out. And I believe this guy worked in the Bush administration! Can anyone say Deep State? (Story is from but can be found else where and video from the show may be available on line)

CNN pundit on fake news: Trust blunder-prone media as they expose Trump

Just like the old saying, "A lie is  around the world before truth is out of bed" ... such as the recent case of the "WIKILEAKS EMAIL DATE"  Every LIVE (Low information Voting Entity) around the country and world was spoon fed this misinformation for almost a day before any correction action on the part of the MSM.  They created the lie, and allowed the lie to be perpetuated!

Then someone tries to defend this by claiming they only made the mistake because they are trying so hard to be fair to Trump!


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Re: The media thinks you are stupid and gullible

Post  Clicker on Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:25 pm

Based on observation, I know there is a large body of loonys out there who are STUPID AND GULLIBLE and scarf this steaming pile of road apples up like it was Kobe Beef.

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